How To Fix a Missing MSCOREE.DLL File

What is the MSCOREE.DLL File?

The MSCOREE.DLL is a Windows module that is generally required to operate certain programs and applications on your computer system.  In particular, the MSCOREE.DLL file is a .NET Windows component that is needed to run programs that use the .NEt framework.  If the MSCOREE file is missing, it usually denotes a fragmented Windows registry and it can seriously slow down your computer.  To learn more about DLL files in general see my post What Are DLL Errors?

missing msvcr80dllCommon MSCOREE.DLL Error Messages

There are a variety of ways that MSCOREE.DLL errors can may appear on your computer.  Some of the most common types are highlighted below.  Computer Technician’s Note: These error messages typically pop-up in a Windows Dialogue box.

  • “Windows errors related to mscoree.dll”
  • “Mscoree.dll is not found”
  • “Error starting this program.  The required mscoree.dll was not found.”
  • “The file mscoree.dll is missing”
  • “The program cannot start because mscoree.dll is missing.”

These common MSCOREE.DLL error messages typically show up when Windows starts up, shuts down and even sometimes during a Windows program installation.  You should ensure that these error messages get fixed immediately or you may risk further damage to your computer system.

The MSCOREE.DLL error is commonly found on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.  To see other common types of DLL errors see my post on 12 Common Types of DLL Errors and Fixes.

missing msvcr80dllCommon Cause of a Missing MSCOREE.DLL File

MSCOREE.DLL errors are generally caused by situations where the file has been removed and/or deleted and could result in a corrupted computer. Under normal circumstances, a missing MSCOREE.DLL file can suggest registry issues, a possible virus or malware/spyware issue, or even sometimes a possible hardware failure situation (for example, a corrupt sector on your hard drive).

fix msvcr80How To Fix And Repair MSCOREE.DLL Errors?

There are a number of ways that you can fix and repair common MSCOREE.DLL errors.  Listed below are some suggested tips to solve this issue quickly.

Install and Run a Registry Cleaner

Depending on your technical ability you might want to first try this option as it requires very little technical skill.  A good registry cleaner will scan your computer system for missing DLL files and will repair missing files and system conflicts that are preventing your computer from operating efficiently.

All of our computer technicians agree that this is our #1 Recommended Free Registry Cleaner scan:

mscoree.dll download

To use the Registry Cleaner correctly, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download & Install – Download the program to your computer and install it.

Step 2: Scan Your System – Let the program scan your Windows system for errors.

Step 3: Fix Errors – Sit back and relax as the software removes all of the problems.
To understand more about the Windows registry, you can read my post here.

Run a Virus / Malware Scan of Your System

If you have a virus and malware software installed on your computer, you should run a virus scan to ensure that a virus has not infected your MSCOREE.DLL file.  A good virus scan program should detect this.

If you don’t have a virus program installed on your computer, you can download one here.

Use the Recycle Bin to Restore the MSCOREE.DLL File

In some situations, the MSCOREE.DLL file may have accidentally been deleted.  If so, you can retrieve the missing file from your Windows Recycle Bin by searching for the file there.

Re-install the Program Causing the MSCOREE.DLL Error

If the MSCOREE.DLL error is appearing while you are installing a particular program, you should try to re-install that program onto your computer.  If that fails, try a registry cleaner to correct this problem.

Download the Missing MSCOREE.DLL File

If you continue to be missing the MSCOREE.DLL file, you could download the file from the internet and place it into the proper Windows directory file.  You should use extreme caution if using this method as you may not know if the file can be trusted.  In addition, you need to have some technical skill and knowledge in order to know where to place the MSCOREE.DLL file.  Doing this incorrectly could result in additional computer issues.

Update the Drivers for a Particular Device

One reason you may be experiencing the MSCOREE error could be related to running a certain device on your computer.  If, for example, you are trying to play a video game, you may need to update your video driver, so take a moment to update your drivers using the Windows Control Panel.

Conduct a System Restore or Rollback

If you suspect that the cause of your MSCOREE error is from a recent change made to your computer system, you should perform a system restore or rollback to a previous version of your system where the configuration was functioning properly.

Repair Any Windows Installations

If any of the above troubleshooting suggestions fail, then you should consider performing a Windows start-up repair to ensure that you restore all necessary DLL files.

To avoid many of the problems listed above, it is important that you keep your computer running smoothly.  One way of doing this is to ensure that you have the latest files for Windows installed on your computer.  You will also want to ensure that your computer is running free of any registry errors which can slow down your system.

It is therefore very important that you run periodic registry scans on your computer system to clean your computer from potential errors and to remove corrupt files.

Click here for a Free Registry Cleaner Scan

fix msvcr80.dllBenefits of Fixing Registry Errors

When you scan and repair your Windows Registry, you achieve the following benefits:

  • Fix and repair missing DLL errors
  • Repair invalid registry errors
  • Save hundreds of dollars in costly computer technician bills
  • Compact and de-frag the Windows Registry
  • Prevent system crashes and the ‘Blue Screen of Death’
  • Dramatically improve system response time
  • Drastically boost overall computer performance

fix dll file

We hope this information has been helpful in repairing your DLL issue.  If you’re still encountering problems, you can download an automated MSCOREE.DLL fix here.